Transport units and equipment

Unit for transporting heavy solutions (APTR)

The APTR type unit is designed for transporting heavy process solutions with a density of no more than 1.5 g/cm3 (the size of solid particles is no more than 2 mm, the volume of solid particles is no more than 20% of the total mass). The scope of application of the unit is the repair and drilling of oil and gas condensate wells.

Technological platform for oilfield equipment TP-20

The technological platform TP-20 is intended for placement of oilfield and drilling equipment (mud cleaning unit, mud pump, mobile boiler house, and other equipment). The platform TP-20 provides mobile mounting, disassembly of equipment and complete ground relief in the working position.

Block of petroleum products

The block of petroleum products is intended for transportation and storage of fuel and lubricants and process equipment, for their supply to workover units and drilling rigs on oil and condensed gas wells.